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Recent Press Releases


In the News

WWTP Sludge Reduction
Water & Wastes Digest
Sludge management is a key factor in the design and operation of a variety of wastewater treament systems....Read more.

Waste Lagoons: Sloppy Mess or Treatment Opportunity?
Environmental Protection Magazine
Waste lagoons have been around for a long time. They serve mainly as storage facilities but also allow for waste treatment to take place....Read more.

Warren Firm Changes Name to Pro-Act Biotech
Providence Business News

Pro-Act Microbial Inc., a supplier of waste treatment systems for the agriculture, aquaculture and food-waste industries, has officially changed its name to Pro-Act Biotech...Read more. Waste lagoons have been around for a long time. They serve mainly as storage facilities but also allow for waste treatment to take place....Read more.

Pro-Act Manure Treatment Maximizes Plant Nutrients
Providence Business News

Pro-Act Biotech's manure-treatment process is best known for reducing odor, minimizing solid volume and making nutrients more manageable. But recent on-far testing demonstrated further benefits, the company said...Read more.

Anaerobic Digester Technology Expanding

The push for green energy and reduced carbon emissions has inspired the expansion of technology such as anaerobic digesters...Read more.

Pro-Act's System Further Validated by University Research

Research by Dr. Jun Zhu of the University of Minnesota shows that surface aeration "provides an effective and affordable means of handling odors in (manure) lagoons."...Read more.

Pro-Act: Get a Whiff of This Manure
Providence Business News

You really don't want to know what's bubbling in that tall plastic container in Dr. Chuzhao Lin's research lab, but she tells you what it is anyway. It's cow manure mixed in...Read more.

Turning Farms' Manure Into Energy
Providence Business News

A Warren-based company that develops and markets waste treatment systems for farms was recently granted a U.S. patent on a component of its technology...Read more.

Magic Valley Dairy Seeing Good Results with Manure Treatment
Ag Weekly

Between tightening regulations and community acceptance, manure management on dairies is becoming increasingly more challenging....Read more.

Microbes Munch Away on Manure's Smell
Capital Times

Manure happens.  And because of that very normal and natural fact, livestock farmers often find themselves between a rock and a hard place...Read more.

Pro-Act's Director of Research Published in Hoard's Dairyman
Hoard's Dairyman

Dr. Chuzhao Lin, Pro-Act's director of research, has an article titled "Bring your lagoon back to life," published in the May 25th issue of Hoard's Dairyman. Dr. Lin describes how a manure lagoon is supposed to work and how its functionality can be improved to work even better...Read more.


Recent Press Releases

Pro-Act Biotech Manure Management System Solves Phosphorous Issues and Reduces Costs

Pro-Act Biotech Microbial Waste Treatment System Reduces Solids Accumulation and Odor in Storage Tanks

Fisher Hog Farms Wins 2011 Missouri Environmental Steward Award

Allies in Manure Treatment Announce New System

Pro-Act Biotech and EcoSolutions Join Forces

Pro-Act Brings Virus-Reducing Air Cleaner to the Northeast

Help Is Here for Sand-Bedded Dairy Farms

Pro-Act’s Aquaculture Division Rapidly Expanding

A Unique Digester Technology Increases Gas Output and Capture

Pro-Act Microbial Evolves Into Pro-Act Biotech

Chemical-Free Catfish Farming in America

Farmers Can Get $100 in Fertilizer Value Per Cow Per Year

Two Routes to Fertilizer Savings

New Digester Technology for Flush Dairies

Farmer’s Neighbor Gets a Pleasant Surprise

Manure Separators in Demand on Animal Farms

Digester Technology No Longer Alienates Small Farms

Pro-Act’s System Further Validated by University Research

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