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Organic substances, including oil, decompose with the help of microbes. Naturally occurring microbes will remediate oil contamination given enough time. However, there are not enough naturally occurring, oil-degrading microbes present at the contamination sites. Pro-Act can boost the number of the oil degrading microbes through bioaugmentation to shorten the time needed to clean up oil contamination. 

Pro-Act Biotech's Oil Clean is carefully cultured to include the strongest blends of oil-eating microbes to supply a highly-effective and natural solution for oil bioremediation. 

Where does Oil Clean work? Oil Clean works in situ with contaminated soil and water and in bioremediation cells. Oil Clean is equally effective in salt or fresh water. It works in wetlands, on soil, rocks, wood; it works on any surface as long as it gets wet for a portion of the day.

How does Oil Clean work? Our microbes use oil as their primary food source. They grow and multiply on the oil, and they keep reproducing until the food source is gone. Our microbes will produce surfactants that help to disperse the oil. Unlike chemical dispersants, the surfactants produced by microbes will not harm the environment. The end results of oil bioremediation are carbon dioxide, water and microbial biomass, part of the natural food chain.

Following the oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound in 1989, experts brought in oil-eating bacteria to help clean up the mess.

"Follow-up studies suggest that the microbes did as good a job in cleaning up soiled beaches as high-pressure hoses and detergents could have done.'It was almost as if we had brought in fresh rock,' stated the EPA's project manager after visiting the site."1

Pro-Act's Oil Clean can been a strong ally in returning life back to normal as proven by our work with clean-up contractors. 

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1 Excerpted from BIO. "Protecting Our Environment" Washington, D.C.: Biotechnology Industry Organization, 1992.


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