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Pro-Act’s Aquaculture Division Rapidly Expanding

June 11, 2009 ---- Pro-Act Biotech, a leading producer of environmental systems for the agriculture and aquaculture industries, has had a strong increase in demand for its treatment products for the aquaculture industry.

Pro-Act has customized their environmental treatment technology for the aquaculture industry, expanding into aquaculture farms across the country, including those raising striped bass, red fish, shrimp and catfish.

Pro-Act’s Aqua Treatment has many key benefits that improve the fish quality, using a chemical-free, environmentally friendly method that also improves the profitability of the fish farm.

Improved pond water quality
Pro-Act’s Aqua Treatment improves pond water quality and controls ammonia, resulting in more marketable fish that is on flavor with healthy skin. The ammonia doesn’t pass through the traditional nitrogen cycle, so nitrites and nitrates are minimized. Malodorous gasses are reduced.

Provides food source
Pro-Act Biotech’s microbial treatment takes a different path in its digestion of ammonia and solids, turning them into a microbial protein that the fish can use as food. It’s a high-quality, all-natural food source created without chemicals.

Less disease
Customers report that they have little or no problems with typical farmed fish diseases such as brown lung which results from excess nitrates.

Improved skin health
The skin of the fish becomes smoother than normal and slime is reduced or eliminated, making harvest time easier.

Better quality fish
Of course, the final goal of any aquaculture farm is to have high-quality fish to send to market. Customers report that the fish prosper in the improved water quality, resulting in larger fish and, most-importantly, the meat that is on-flavor.

Reduced sludge at the bottom of the pond
Pro-Act’s treatment also goes to work liquefying the nutrients and other debris in the form of sludge at the bottom of the ponds. This cleaning process further improves the water quality and reduces maintenance.

Examples of Pro-Act treated fish farms

Shrimp farm in Maine

• The original solids filters and floating bed biofilters have been disconnected.
• The ammonia level has been kept to non-detect with our product.
• Solids have been converted to microbial proteins that the shrimp can use for food.
• Farm was able to switch to a lower protein feed, reducing costs.

We have helped this farm cut operating costs and decrease spending on equipment to expand the grow-out area.

Catfish farm in Mississippi

• After a few months of treatment, the water quality improved, and the fish thrived.
• Use less feed since the water treatment creates a healthy food source.
• No longer have to run aerators as much since the pond’s oxygen level is higher. Save about 40% on their electric bill.
• No longer need to use chemicals to control algae.


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