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Over the years, we have developed a reputation of integrity and trust with our customers and with others in the industry. Because of this, many have come to us for advice. In order to organize our efforts and provide an expanded level of service, Pro-Act has created a Consulting and Planning Service.

Pro-Act Biotech's Consulting and Planning Service is here to help customers and potential customers sort out the appropriate technology for their dairy, hog or fish farm.  

} Lay out a manure storage system customized for a farm’s unique needs
} Set up additional systems to manage nutrients
} Design a treatment plan that will facilitate the collection and utilization of biogas
} Design the most efficient and cost-effective new digester
} Make a currently placed digester more productive
} Advise on aquaculture design and modifications

Pro-Act’s Consulting and Planning Service has not been created to sell specific products, but is essentially a brain trust of knowledge and experience that members of the agricultural industry can draw upon.




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