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Allies in Manure Treatment Announce New System

Warren, RI, March 18, 2010 --- An increasing number of dairies are using sand as bedding for their cows as it provides a clean, healthy environment. Reusing the sand is not only cost effective but environmentally sound. However, sand must be cleaned properly to avoid spreading disease and infection amongst the herd. Two companies that supply environmental treatment solutions have joined technologies to develop a highly effective solution: SandSmart™BTR.

Pro-Act Biotech is a leader in biological products and systems while EcoSolutions has the engineering expertise. Together, their technologies deliver a complete manure treatment system from design to implementation that results in clean, reusable sand.

SandSmart™BTR is a biological product designed specifically for sand-bedded dairy farms and is best used in a flush or flush flume manure system. The key to cleaner sand is cleaner flush water. SandSmart™BTR provides the dairy with superb flush water which cleans the sand with ease. Cleaner sand provides a healthier environment for the cows.

“SandSmart™BTR is not only the key to healthier and comfortable cows, but it's essential to keep the farmers in compliance with CAFO regulations,” explains Bill Campion, president of Pro-Act Biotech.

The system treats and stabilizes animal wastes, making them farmer and environmentally friendly by reducing TSS, BOD, viscosity and odor.

The use of SandSmart™BTR can also help meet with possible future regulations. Independent tests confirm a substantial reduction in hydrogen sulfide emissions when using SandSmart™BTR. This reduction could be important in the years to come.

Often times, a dairy farm undertakes repeated attempts to make the manure system functional. As part of their service, SandSmart™BTR program strives to avoid such redundancy by providing free evaluations of existing manure treatment systems.

For more information, contact Pro-Act Biotech at 1-800-772-3775.

About Pro-Act.
Pro-Act Biotech, Inc, the leading supplier of biological products, provides highly effective environmental treatment systems for the concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO), food waste and the aquaculture industries.

More information is available by contacting Christa Grigorov at or by calling 1-800-772-3775.

The environmental treatment systems of PRO-ACT BIOTECH® are protected by U.S. Patent No. 7,267,766. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

About EcoSolutions LLC.
EcoSolutions provides engineering and ecological design services for low impact developments, wastewater treatment, storm water treatment, water reuse and pond systems.

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