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Digester Technology No Longer Alienates Small Farms

Warren, RI, February 8, 2008 --- The push for green energy and reduced carbon emissions has inspired the expansion of technology such as anaerobic digesters.  Until recently, these digesters were only feasible for large scale concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) due to the initial capital required and the ongoing maintenance involved.  Digester technology for the small to medium sized farm has been discussed and tested in the academic world, but now Pro-Act Microbial is bringing it to the real world.

Pro-Act Microbial has developed and tested a biogas digester for manure and other organic waste that is affordable, reliable and easy to operate, breaking open the door to the many benefits of this technology for farms with less than 500 animals. 

The smaller farm may not have the land, manpower, money or even the manure output to condone the use of a standard digester.  Pro-Act’s small farm digester is a scaled down version that involves their manure treatment system which facilitates the production and capture of biogas, a manure separator, a portable processing tank and an engine generator set (genset) to heat the tank.   

Where large-scale farms may focus on selling their energy output as their key digester goal, small farms are often looking for more.  Odor control, nutrient management, reduced emissions and simply producing enough energy to power the farm may be the goals for a smaller farm.  Pro-Act’s manure treatment system is known in the industry for reducing odor and helping farmers with their nutrient management.  Their small farm digester solves multiple problems by combining effective nutrient management with biogas production.  The results include savings in manure processing and energy costs, with the option to profit from biogas.

Pro-Act is already under contract to install the technology on small farms in the company’s immediate area with plans to expand the digester nationwide.

“This kicks open the door to digester technology for the smaller farms which really are the majority in the agricultural world,” says Bill Campion, president of Pro-Act Microbial.  “Pro-Act has already been solving odor, solids and nutrient management problems for years, so combining this with digester technology was a natural step.  A large amount of capital and extra employees are no longer needed for the small farm to get its foot in the door.  Not only will they be helping their farm, they’ll be doing their part to protect the environment.”

Pro-Act Microbial will be present at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, February 12 – 14.  Bill Campion and Dale Butcher will be available at tent DS65 for further information.  Others can learn more by contacting Pro-Act at 1-800-772-3775.


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