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Farmers Can Get $100 in Fertilizer Value Per Cow Per Year

Warren, RI, October 27, 2008 --- Just like other industries, farmers are affected by today’s lagging economy and rising costs.  One major item that has hit them hard is commercial fertilizer for their crops.  With fertilizer averaging $900 per ton, farmers are leaning more on traditional manure to feed their crops next spring.  One biotech company has a system that allows farmers to get more of the fertilizer value out of their manure than untreated manure can deliver.

Pro-Act Biotech is known in the agricultural industry for their environmental systems that treat manure lagoons at animal feeding operations.  Their treatment results in manure that is more compatible with and easier to use on crops than untreated manure.  Data has shown that their customers can get approximately $100 worth of fertilizer from each of their cows per year when using the Pro-Act system.  For many farms, the improved fertilizer in the Pro-Act treated manure covers their plants’ nutrient needs for the year.  In addition, the money they’ve saved on fertilizer more than covers the cost of their Pro-Act Biotech treatment. 

Farms can not get the full fertilizer value out of untreated manure.  Manure starts out the same, but by the time it reaches the land, the Pro-Act treatment proves itself.  The Pro-Act treated manure top water soaks into the land more easily and has more plant-available nitrogen.  The top water also contains less phosphorus so farms can irrigate more, sending nutrients to their plants without burning crops or going against regulations.  And when the crops grow, the fact that the nutrients have been more accessible to them is apparent; Pro-Act’s farms have reported more bountiful and healthier crops for years. 

“Getting more fertilizer value out of their manure dramatically cuts the farms’ fertilizer costs,” explains Bill Campion, president of Pro-Act Biotech.  “Our treatment system truly turns that manure into an asset.”


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