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Farmer’s Neighbor Gets a Pleasant Surprise

Warren, RI, July 31, 2008 --- Like many dairy farms, Wagner Dairy in Middleton, Wisconsin irrigates their hay fields with water from their manure lagoon, taking advantage of the nutrients in the liquid. This time, the water was inadvertently sprayed into a neighbor’s corn field. A few weeks later, the dairy heard from their neighbor. “What did you do to my corn field?” he asked. “And can you do it again?”

The Wagner’s irrigated the hay field with a traveling gun, putting on about 12,000 gallons per acre. The irrigation inadvertently sprayed about fifty feet onto their cousin’s corn field. In most cases, this doesn’t make a huge difference to either party. But Wagner Dairy treats their manure lagoons with a system by Pro-Act Biotech. Their manure water, as a result of the environmentally-friendly treatment, has nutrients that are of a higher quality than untreated manure and are more readily used by plants.

“My cousin called me a few weeks after we sprayed our fields,” explains Tom Wagner. “’’What did you do to my corn?’ he asked me. While I was trying to understand what he was getting at--he didn’t sound mad--he started explaining how his crop closest to our hay fields was a heck of a lot taller than the rest of his crop.”

Tom’s cousin’s corn was several feet higher and greener where it had been accidentally sprayed with the Wagner’s manure mixture. His cousin was already fertilizing his corn with commercial products, so he was amazed to see the difference the treated manure made.

What’s the difference between regular manure and the manure treated with Pro-Act’s system? Farmers who have turned to Pro-Act to manage their manure can meet environmental regulations more easily. The treatment system reduces odors, helps them manage their nutrients and decreases the amount of solids. In addition, the system also provides the farms with a much higher quality fertilizer when compared with untreated manure water.

Pro-Act’s treatment converts organic nitrogen to an inorganic (ammonium) form. Under most conditions, ammonia is volatile and evaporates to the air. But Pro-Act’s system keeps the ammonia in ammonium form which is much less volatile allowing farmers to retain more of that valuable nitrogen for their crops.

“With the price of fertilizer skyrocketing, our farms are managing much better,” explains Bill Campion, president of Pro-Act Biotech. “Because of the higher quality fertilizer they have at their disposal it’s possible to eliminate the need to buy pre-planting chemical fertilizer. Their crops are prospering with just manure that’s been improved by our treatment system.”


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