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Pro-Act Microbial Evolves Into Pro-Act Biotech

Warren, RI, November 26, 2008 --- Pro-Act Microbial announces a company name change to Pro-Act Biotech.

The company started its business providing microbial treatment for the maintenance of dairy waste lagoons and pits. Since its inception, the company has grown this core business but has also applied its technology into the development of other environmental systems for the agricultural industry and beyond.

The “Pro-Act” name is well established in the dairy industry so the company developed the new name around this brand. Replacing “Microbial” with “Biotech” is an evolution which better reflects the company’s current mission and gives them a brand around which they can grow. They will continue to develop products to better serve their core agricultural base as well as use their expertise to launch other environmental technology.

Pro-Act Biotech is still focused on providing microbial treatment systems for CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) and already supplies other products and services to that same industry, such as manure solids separators, digester technology and more. In addition, the company continues to apply their scientific expertise to other industries such as lake and pond cleaning and aquaculture treatment.

“Our name has evolved as our company has evolved,” explains Bill Campion, president of Pro-Act. “The name ‘Pro-Act Biotech’ gives us more freedom to continue to research and improve environmental technology.”

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