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Help Is Here for Sand-Bedded Dairy Farms

Warren, RI, September 29, 2009 --- Sand is the preferred bedding material for many dairy farmers as it provides a clean, healthy environment for the cows. Reusing the sand makes a great deal of sense; the problem is cleaning it properly. The quality and quantity of recycled sand are important factors to consider. Pro-Act Biotech introduces SandSmart™, a biological product that allows dairy farmers to reuse their sand bedding after a quick, convenient and effective cleaning.

SandSmart™ is a biological product designed specifically for sand-bedded dairy farms and is best used in a flush or flush flume manure system. The application is simple: The product is applied periodically to the last lagoon from which dairy draws their flush water.

The key to cleaner sand is cleaner flush water. SandSmart™ provides the dairy with superb flush water which cleans the sand with ease. Cleaner sand provides a healthier environment for the cows.

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