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New Digester Technology for Flush Dairies

Warren, RI, September 18, 2008 --- Dairy farms with flush systems have two options for digester technology: covered lagoon or fixed film digester. Both are run at ambient temperatures that are not ideal for the bacteria inside. But there is an alternative without changing the flush system. Pro-Act Biotech has developed and tested a patent-pending biogas digester specifically for flush dairies that is more economical and easier to operate and maintain than what’s currently available.

Larger dairies have two main methods of barn floor cleaning: 1) a flush system that uses gravity and water pressure to clean the alleys, sending the liquid and debris into the lagoon, or 2) a scrape system or vacuum system which sends the manure and alley debris into the lagoon/pit without the use of recycled water. Dairies that use flush systems have the advantages of automation, reduced man power and generally a cleaner barn. For these farms, covering an entire lagoon may not bring the economic/monetary benefits, especially in cooler climates where little biogas is produced in winter and the UDSA advises flaring the biogas collected. Pro-Act Biotech has created a patent-pending digester that brings the benefits of the anaerobic digester technology to flush dairies regardless of location of the farm.

Dairy farms and their communities have a growing interest in digester technology due to its benefits of odor reduction, improved fertilizer value of the manure liquid and the opportunity to profit from energy production. Pro-Act’s system prepares the flushed manure liquid for the digester, resulting in more energy production and superior fertilizer.

“This is groundbreaking news for dairies with flush systems,” explains Bill Campion, president of Pro-Act Biotech. “Current digester technology has not been created with them in mind. But our new technology for flush dairies works with their systems so they can now also benefit from the improved nutrient management and energy production.”

For further information, Pro-Act Biotech will be present at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, September 30 – October 4, at booth 4301-4303 in the Exhibition Hall.


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