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Read what a LeVOCC customer has to say...

“The LeVOCC™ units were installed in my school several years ago to help eliminate airborne allergens and odors such as urine. We were thrilled with the immediate and noticeable improvement to the air quality. This change was especially welcome in the diaper-changing and potty-training areas!

“We quickly became convinced that the system was also extremely effective in preventing common childhood illnesses. At one point, I had not yet installed the units in every classroom. There were two neighboring classrooms; one with the LeVOCC™ unit and one without. A flu bug swept through the classroom without the unit and 14 out of the 16 children in that class came down with it. Not a single child in the neighboring classroom with the LeVOCC™ unit fell ill.

“Given the threat of swine flu/H1N1, the fact that Sandcastles has the LeVOCC™ system has been incredibly comforting to parents. Many of them have commented that they appreciate our commitment to providing the safest and healthiest environment for their children. My teachers certainly appreciate it too.”

Sara Sullivan, President/Owner
Sandcastles Childcare & Learning Center






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