“Pro-Act’s microbes really proved themselves this spring.”



Locke, NY — In the late fall, as the sleepy hills around this dairy farm were preparing for their blankets of snow, its lagoon was just getting active. That’s because Pro-Act Microbial’s Manure Munching Microbes® were introduced to the thick, foul-smelling water. By the time spring came around, nature and Pro-Act unwrapped a nice present for the farm.

“I was looking for a way to cut down on the odor,” explains the farm's owner. “When I came across Pro-Act’s system and found that it was also supposed to reduce the solids in my lagoon and make a nice fertilizer to boot, I didn’t see why I shouldn’t give it a try.”

In November of 2004, Pro-Act’s microbial system was easily set into action in the  lagoon. After installing our patented 1/2 hp diffuser, the first deposit of microbes was made. As winter settled in, the lagoon began to freeze over, but the microbes were working hard converting carbon and nitrogen to proteins and amino acids. The area around the diffuser didn’t freeze, and the microbially active water gently bubbled up. “I was entertained by some interesting sculptures in the lagoon over the winter,” the owner jokes. But the real smiles came from knowing those bubbles were proof that the lagoon was getting healthier by the week.

Spring came around and the results were revealed. It was time to pump and spread the manure, a job that was usually quite intense in the early spring with the ground still partially frozen and the lagoon requiring a lot of time-consuming agitation. But not this year.  The owner found he could pump with very little agitation.  And the application to the fields was phenomenal.

“The consistency was much thinner. We were able to easily spread the manure,” the owner explains.  “It soaked into that hard ground in half the time it used to. And there really was little odor. Compared to how it used to be when I did that first pump in the spring, this was almost a pleasant experience."

Not only was spreading easier with the treated lagoon water, but it was more effective. Pro-Act’s Manure Munching Microbes do not change the amount of nutrients in the manure but they do change the form. They turn the manure into a gentle, time-released fertilizer which is more plant-useable.

This farmer did find a truly effective way to control his lagoon odor. But along with it, he now spends less time maintaining and pumping his lagoon, and has turned it’s contents into excellent fertilizer for his crops.

“I’m very happy I decided to try Pro-Act,” he acknowledges.


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