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Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area Cleans Lake with All Clear


Warren, RI, October 25, 2007 --- It’s a common problem for park managers:  as a recreational resource for the community, it’s important to keep any lakes or ponds in the park clean and clear.  Also, like other parks departments in the U.S., the County of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation had to find an effective way of doing so that fits their budget.  They found their solution with Pro-Act Biotech’s All Clear™.

The Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area is located in eastern Los Angeles County at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in the city of Irwindale.  The 70-acre lake located in the area is popular for sailing, swimming and fishing.  Margarita Ramos, superintendent of the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area, contacted Pro-Act Microbial in July with concerns about the increasing problems with the lake. 

Ramos explained that they had been treating the lake with another product, but it had become expensive.  Pro-Act’s All Clear was more economical and had positive results when used in other lakes and ponds.  Ramos decided to give All Clear a try.

The microbes have the ability to join with each other and with suspended particles in the water and sink to the bottom of the lake.  This sedimentation process clears up the water and reduces sludge and odor.

Three weeks after the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area began treating their lake with All Clear, their situation had changed dramatically.  “What a difference!” Ramos said.  And this was just after the first of the monthly treatments. 

All Clear can be used to control nutrients in all types of ponds, including ornamental water gardens containing fish.  The treatment can rejuvenate an aging lake by restoring the water quality and improving its health.  All Clear is an environmentally friendly application that is safe for all fish, frogs, birds, air, water, soil, plants and the earth.  


Lake three weeks after initial All Clear treatment.



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