“...Nobody else had a good answer.” —Roy Beardslee


Troy, PA — Roy Beardslee walked into Ag Progress Days 2004 looking for a solution to his manure problem. The stirolators in his lagoon were sold to him as the answer to all his problems. Instead of helping, they were creating a hefty monthly electric bill while his manure remained thick and foul smelling. The separator required daily cleaning and maintenance, a disagreeable chore. He wanted to start making the most out of his barn’s flush system. To do this he would have to reduce the manure solids to get good water flow.

Beardslee looked around the show, considering his options. Most suppliers were suggesting more expensive machinery or a variation of what he was already using, stirolators and separation for daily treatment and agitation and pumping spring and fall. He knew that approach was not working; he was looking for another way. There was one company that proposed a plausible solution: Pro-Act Microbial.

“Nobody else had a good answer,” Beardslee explains. Pro-Act’s Manure Munching Microbes® are made to deliver the results he needed: they liquefy solids, leading to improved flush water, and reduce odor in the bargain. He had heard that Pro-Act was the leading supplier of microbial systems. It made him more interested in hearing about this different type of treatment.

Since installing the system, a 1 hp blower with a surface diffuser, and adding the monthly shipments of Pro-Act’s microbes, Beardslee has been very pleased with the results. “It’s just beautiful,” he says when talking about how the whole system has worked for his dairy. The microbes have cleaned up the lagoon effectively; the flush water is greatly improved. “It’s a lot cleaner,” Beardslee comments. “I’m very happy.”

Not only is the flush water cleaner, but the microbially active flush water prevents slime build-up on the barn floors, allowing them to dry quickly. This is a big plus for cow safety.

Lottahill Farms’ success with Pro-Act’s microbial system has been accomplished very economically. In fact, Beardslee has saved money. “The Pro-Act diffuser uses less power than the stirolators,” Beardslee explains. “Our electric bill has dropped by $700 per month. Since the lagoon is liquid top to bottom we no longer have to agitate, so we save on tractor time, wear and tear and fuel expense.”

When it comes to manure management, Beardslee, like many other dairymen, saw that the Pro-Act system was a better solution. With a modest investment to start treatment, it was easy to give Pro-Act’s Manure Munching Microbes a try. After a year of having a healthy lagoon with very little odor, better separator efficiency, superior flush water and minimal maintenance cost, Roy Beardslee is all smiles.


As quoted in the 55th Annual Hoard's Dairyman Round Table...

We also add Pro-Act microbials and have a 1/2 horsepower aerator on the lagoon. Flush water is cleaner and  odor has been reduced.”

--Roy & Tim Beardslee



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